We are always interested in collaborating with competent asset managers who can contribute to our clients’ portfolios and who share our values.


Our starting point is our clients’ wishes and needs

With the client’s current portfolio – and his or her wishes for the future – as our starting point, our approach is to find the necessary building blocks and combine these in a way that matches the individual client and his or her profile.

Then we find the asset managers who can deliver the building blocks and help our client choose the right one.

We continuously carry out quality checks of the different asset managers on the market to keep our client updated on his or her possibilities.


How we evaluate asset managers

At Proveo, we use acknowledged quantitative as well as qualitative methods to find the best asset managers in their respective areas of investment.

We use a combination of our own developments and standard models and systems to get as nuanced a picture as possible of the situation.

Our unique rating system gives every asset manager a total score based on a variety of measures, such as strategy, returns, risks and costs.



Contact us, if you want to know more about Proveo, or if you want to be measured against the best of your colleagues.

Email: kontakt@proveo.dk
Phone: + 45 88 88 82 06