Our Story

This is the story about how our team went from one to many, and Proveo was established.
Now we’re helping affluent investors in Denmark and Sweden by optimizing and monitoring their investment setup.


The story begins

Our story begins in the summer of 2013.

At this time, our founder, Johann, is employed at a big bank and working with investment clients every day.

After many years of working with the biggest investment clients at home and abroad, one thing was clear:

There was a BIG difference between how much the professional investors and other affluent investors got out of their investments.

And it was quite clear what the professional clients were doing differently than the other clients.

They asked a WIDE range of questions of different asset managers to be able to evaluate which one would be the right one to invest their fortune.

Afterwards, they continuously monitored the actions of the asset manager.


Our founder, Johann Laux.


Our CTO, Martin, and one of our Senior Relationship Managers, Maria.

An idea takes shape, and Proveo is founded

In Johann’s opinion, it was strange that not all investors, apparently, had the same possibilities of getting the right investment setup.

Shouldn’t it be equally simple and uncomplicated for all investors?

Johann thought everyone deserved to know what their hard-earned money was used for and what the quality was of the work they paid their asset managers to perform.

Based on these thoughts, Johann got the idea of starting his own business with the goal of helping affluent investors by continuously monitoring the performance of their asset managers and by assuring the investor the greatest possible return and degree of security.

In the event of an asset manager not performing well enough, Johann would also help the investor find another asset manager matching the needs and wants of this specific investor.

With this vision of establishing peace of mind and equity for affluent investors, Johann moved forward with the idea which really took shape during the next couple of years, and in January 2016, Proveo was founded.

Here we are now, and this is how we help you as an investor

Since our founding in 2016, we have quickly grown to a team of 17.

We continuously monitor the work of the asset managers and keep our clients up to speed with their performance.

We are the first in Denmark who have created a technological platform which gives us access to all custodian banks in Denmark. This makes us able to help our clients evaluate return, risk and costs.

Moreover, with inspiration from the institutional environment, we have collected data which enable us to compare all the different asset managers based on several quantitative and qualitative parameters.

We are now monitoring more than 3 billion DKK for our clients who know and trust that we only have their best interests at heart.


“We continuously monitor the work of the asset managers and keep our clients up to speed on their performance.”


We evolve all the time, and here are our plans for the nearest future

In 2018, three big things are happening at Proveo.

1. We’re releasing a brand-new app that is going to help you keep the daily overview of all your investments.

2. We’re changing our organizational structure.

3. We’re entering the Swedish market.

Proveo WMS

The app is called Proveo Wealth Monitoring System (WMS), and we developed it to give you the possibility of getting a quick overview of all your investments, asset managers and banks in one place.

We know how challenging it can be to make head or tail of all the reports you receive as an investor from both banks and asset managers.

Proveo WMS is your tool to stay updated on how your portfolios are performing, together and individually, compared to the benchmarks you wish to compare them to.

An English version of the app is coming soon.

Overblik uden graf.png

Our new app, Proveo WMS.


Our new organizational structure.

Proveo is becoming a holding company and expanding to Sweden

In the summer of 2018, Proveo is changing its organizational structure and turning into a holding company consisting of the parent company, Proveo Solutions, and the subcompanies Proveo Tech, Proveo Danmark and Proveo Sverige.

We’re looking forward to expanding our market to Sweden and thereby becoming able to help even more affluent investors in Denmark and Sweden establish the best conditions for their investments.

At the same time, we’re also looking much forward to continuing to create good results in cooperation with our existing customers.