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The information on this website is made available without any guarantees. The information on this website is meant to be general information. The information on the website is reproduced as precisely and updated as possible, but Proveo gives no guarantees for the accuracy, order, timeliness, or completeness of the content of the website. Proveo can, without warning, stop the publication of this website, and we disclaim any responsibility for websites connected to this website.

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Any conflicts that should arise in relation to this clause – and for which an amicable solution cannot be found – is to be resolved in accordance with the Danish laws.

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Personal information that is submitted to the website or in connection with the use of attached services – or otherwise registered in this connection – is, by Proveo and possible external partners, treated in accordance with the Danish law in force.

Unless anything else is stated, name, address and email will normally be transmitted unencrypted when you send them to us.